Kamikaze Cows

There are times when you just cannot believe the news headline and you just *have to* click the link to read more.  A perfect example of this is today's news snippet from the Register, which reports that a 600 lb. cow took a leap off a 200 ft high cliff and landed on a minivan below.


The cow survived, while the minivan suffered major damages.  The cow's survival was also short-lived as it was euthanized shortly thereafter.  The occupants of the car (who were celebrating their first wedding anniversary) also survived but are currently in a state of disbelief.

I guess they'll want to celebrate their near escape with ... what else but steak?


In other news today, a poll rated the top three 'dumbest' British laws:

  1. People are forbidden from breathing their last breath inside the Houses of Parliament.
  2. Posting a stamp bearing the image of the ruling British monarch upside down on an envelope represents an act of treason.
  3. In Liverpool, female employees of pet stores may work topless.


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