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Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror shared his thoughts about desktop wallpapers on his blog today.  What Jeff basically says, is that a lot of users go extremes finding the right wallpapers to decorate their desktop.  You just have to take a look at the number of websites that provide wallpapers for download, to see that this is a statement that definitely makes sense.

However, Jeff disagrees with this personalization of the desktop.  In his opinion (which I really respect, Coding Horror is one of the blogs that is absolutely have to read everyday), the ideal desktop would have as little decoration as possible to make the user concentrate on the task at hand (Jeff himself uses a black background).

Personally, I feel that a desktop wallpaper is just a way for a user to assert their individuality.  It is no different than making minor changes to your work environment to make things 'just so' and is a natural extension of an office worker pinning up a poster in his cube.


On another note, the client where I'm working right now has locked down Windows so tight that users cannot change any settings, including ... you guessed it - the wallpaper.  The default wallpaper seen on every desktop across the company, is the photograph of the owner.  Go figure.

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