How to shop like a girl ..... by a guy

Almost Famous has summed up how girls shop very succinctly in a nice post here

Some excerpts:

- Enter the mall with no shopping requirements. Wander and do 'ooh aah' at the exciting displays.

- Eventually get sucked into a section in the store and start gaping.

- When the flirtatious saleswoman says '
Oh, you looking so handsome lah', believe her.

- When the flirtatious saleswoman says that you resemble Barack Obama, believe her.

- Then proceed to check your face in the mirror and feel like Obama. Had you been in the right place and right time with the right pen, you too could have signed off a $789 billion deal.

- Flit from one trial room to another, leaving a trial of unhappy and crumpled shirts and trousers.

- When a bunch of saleswomen nod vigorously at your selection - trust them unconditionally.

- Take your friend's opinion to confuse yourself further.

- End up spending much beyond your original budget.

- Carry large shopping bags (with
bright pink floral designs) out of the mall and gleefully walk on the street.

- Stop at a nearby suave coffee and celebrate your shopping expenditure with another overpriced concoction.


- Realize you've been doing something completely girly and hate yourself.

- Absolve your sins by being overtly masculine on Sunday (Beer and Bakwaas).

Very true ... I'll stop now before all the women in my life start throwing things at me.

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